"Le Cashless"

The cashless payment system was first introduced on the Hellfest site in 2015. This system replaced the former use of tokens. The benefits of Cashless are :
- Huge saving of time when paying at bars and Hellfest Snack stands.
- Shorter lines at the on-site banks.
- Your money and payments are much safer.

New for 2016

We have made several improvements to the cashless payment system for Hellfest 2016. As well as a new design, you can now perforate the card, according to the given pattern, without fear of damaging it.

The most important new feature, however, is the new mobile app to accompany the cashless card.
- Register your card with your own personal details.
- Check your card balance at any time.
- Check your purchase history.
- You can also block your card if it is lost or stolen. You will be notified when a new card is available at the after sales desk.

Warning : you will need a cellular network or be next to a Wi-Fi hotspot to use the app on site.

More info :

Cashless cards form 2015

As promised, your cashless card from 2015 is entirely re-usable at Hellfest 2016. However, you will not be able to associate the 2015 cards with the new mobile app, and use the new features.

Pre-order now !

Once again, we recommend you pre-order your cashless card ahead of this year’s festival, to avoid waiting in line at the festival banks when you arrive. (Possibility to pay in 1,2 or 3 instalments)

Top-up your card

You can top-up your cashless card with cash or debit/credit card at one of the on-site festival banks, in Hellcity Square (next to Extreme Market) or at the Metal Corner.


If your cashless card is lost or stolen, you can block the card using the Cashless mobile app. This will render the card unusable by any other person. You can then go to an After-Sales point and get a new card with your remaining balance.

Mobile Application

With the Cashless mobile app you can check the balance; check your purchase history as well as block your card if it gets stolen or lost.

Outstanding balance

No refunds will be given for money not spent on cashless cards, but you can use your card for the following Hellfest in 2017. NB your 2015 balance can be used in 2016 but not in 2017.

2016 Cashless card

Pre-order your card.